BioOil Conversion to Syngas Good for Renewable Energy

[] Following full-day gasification testing at a research institute in Germany, DynaMotive Energy Systems announced the successful conversion of BioOil to Syngas with characteristics within the predicted range. BioOil is suitable for Syngas production through demonstrating that a consistently good quality, industrial grade Syngas composition with low methane was achievable. After BioOil has been directly converted to Syngas, it can be further reformed into synthetic diesel, methanol and other chemicals. Synthetic diesel, or Syndiesel, is a renewable greenhouse gas neutral fuel that can replace diesel produced from crude oil. Syndiesel can be used in diesel engines without modification, including automobiles, trucks, buses and industrial diesel turbines. When comparing the performance of engines operating on Syndiesel to engines operating on conventional diesel, the results are equal or better.
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