Biomethodes Develops VT Biofuel Processes

Biomethodes, a French biotechnology company, has signed an exclusive and worldwide option-to-license agreement with Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties Inc. (VTIP) for multiple technologies for converting biomass into bioethanol and biohydrogen.

The processes were invented by Percival Zhang, assistant professor of biological systems engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. A biorefinery pilot plant in Virginia is planned to advance the process for the conversion of biomass into ethanol and valuable co-products. The process for transformation of biomass into hydrogen will be developed in France and will be validated through a biohydrogen fuel cell prototype and small-scale model car.

“The pilot plant will integrate two major technologies – Virginia Tech’s pretreatment process, which breaks down the biomass, and Biométhodes’ hydrolysis enzyme optimization technology to improve the cellulose degradation into fermentable sugars,” said Gilles Amsallem, CEO of Biométhodes.

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