Biomaxx Systems Joins Global Village Energy Partnership

To help in the effort for a higher standard of living in developing countries, Biomaxx Systems announces its acceptance in membership with the Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP). The GVEP partnership creates opportunities to promote awareness for global energy initiatives, especially to create a less impoverished global energy-efficient community through greater reliance on nontraditional environmentally friendly fuel sources.

As a GVEP partner, Biomaxx Systems has committed to the GVEP Statement of Principals, which states: “The Global Village Energy Partnership seeks to reduce poverty and enhance sustainable development through the accelerated provision of modern energy services to those unserved and underserved. This is made possible through a partnership of developing and industrialized country governments, international development agencies, donor organizations, private firms, consumers, NGOs and others committed to addressing energy-poverty.” The opportunities afforded by this partnership will allow Biomaxx Systems to further develop its corporate mandate — “To promote clean, efficient and safe energy alternatives and to reduce emissions and control greenhouse gas emissions for the global alternative fuel markets.” Biomaxx Systems advocates that modern energy technologies can greatly improve the standard of living in developing countries and, with advances in technology, these modern energy solutions can be deployed, in some cases at a much lower cost and without the environmental risks that exists with traditional energy solutions.


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