Biomass Technology Goes to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina

The signing of an agreement in principle to form a joint venture to be named First American Scientific Brazil Ltda., with South American Bio-Energy Corp Ltda of Uruguay and Bruno Industrial Ltda of Brazil was announced by Brian Nichols, President of First American Scientific Corp. (FASC).The JV will manufacture, market, and operate KDS equipment in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

The first installation of a fully operational KDS system is planned for September 2006 as part of a new $US 50 million sugar refinery and ethanol plant in Sao Paulo state. The KDS will process diverted waste bagasse to a pelletizer and bagging house to create “bagasse pellets,” which will be burned in conventional pellet burners to create green energy. The initial target will be to deliver 300,000 tons of pellets in the local region, then to look beyond the borders of South America to Europe where an order for 1,000,000 tons of pellets is anticipated. Brazil, the fourth largest country in the world, has an abundant supply of biomass (bagasse) that is eliminated during the refining of sugar cane. With the KDS, it can now capture overflow waste material and efficiently convert it to a high BTU biomass pellets. Up to 80 sugar refining operations have been identified in Brazil alone that will be suitable candidates for the system. According to Mr. Nichols, “This ties in nicely with our recent announcement of the signing of a distribution agreement with EnergyCabin to market their pellet burning equipment in North and South America, and also opens up opportunities in Asia where there is an abundant supply of biomass that could be pelletized and sold through our joint venture partners in Malaysia, Korea or Japan.” This is the fifth license agreement signed by FASC around the globe with installations in Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Europe, North America and now South America.
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