Biomass Exporter Calls for Carrier Ships

Green Energy Resources, formerly New York International Log and Lumber, is looking for shipbuilders in the United States who can fill three orders for fast-track construction on Panamax-class woodchip carrier style ships. The three ships would range from 2.5 million cubic feet (cbf), to 3.8 million cbf. The ships would be used for American woodchip exports to countries in Europe.

Huntington, New York – August 10, 2004 [] Recent legislative changes in Europe have fueled growth in the demand for wood chip supplies. As an example of the current demand for cargo space, Green Energy recently sold one of its ship chartering contracts to Hyundai’s Forest Pioneer for a profit of nearly one million dollars. More ships should help alleviate an under-capacity in available shipping tonnage. Legal cases in the U.S. are affecting how utility companies provide electricity to customers, and could create a larger domestic market for wood chips. Co-firing, a process of adding wood fiber to coal, is relatively inexpensive for industry, plentiful, available and substantially reduces emissions, qualifying utilities for green certificates “Recent Federal lawsuit by eight states, including New York and California, against power generation utilities over emissions pollution could increase the demand for wood fiber fuels as companies look for less-polluting energy sources,” Green Energy President Mr. Joseph Murray said. Financing for the ships is arranged through title XI and the capital construction fund for ships built in USA shipyards under the federal ship financing guarantee program, similar to “Project America”. New York International Log and Lumber has operated under the name of Green Energy Resources since 2002, and officially changed its name this year to reflect the changing nature of the wood fiber industry.


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