Biomass Emissions Trading Plan for International Market

[] Biomass supplier Green Energy Resources of New York has developed a three-point plan to certify green fuels, such as wood biomass, so third party emission accreditors and emissions brokers can approve the biomass energy source for sale on the renewable energy certificate market. The certification of renewable energy fuels is a vital step in creating uniform commodity standards of performance and quality that will guarantee utility operators renewable energy certificates to replace carbon, nitrous, and sulfur emissions. Green Energy Resources will utilize the urban tree certification system (UTCS) as its model. The plan is applicable to all renewable energy fields utilizing wood biomass, but specially directed at coal utilities for a rapid conversion from the burning of air polluting coal to co-firing. Coal energy accounts for 51 percent of American electric power, and is by far the greatest potential market for the renewable energy industry, according to Green Energy Resources. The plan includes globally tradable energy certificates, which will be exchangeable with Europe’s certificates. Certified green fuels will extend benefits for gasification, ethanol, direct burn biomass plants, co-firing, bio diesel and other wood fiber fuel applications.


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