Biomass Co-firing Increase for CEZ

National utility for the Czech Republic ?EZ Group reports that it produced more than 327 GWh of electricity from biomass during 2009 through co-firing.

At four thermal facilities owned by the ?EZ Group in the country – the Hodonín, Po?í?í and Tisová power plants and the Dv?r Králové heating plant – more than 363,000 tonnes of biomass were burned, despite some problems with delivery of biomass at the beginning of 2009, CEZ notes.

As part of strategy to increase the use of biomass, the 30 MWe Hodonín plant was switched to run exclusively on biomass this year, using 1200 tonnes per day.

The plant, which is the company’s largest such facility, is also unique in Europe as it supplies heat across the international border to the town of Holí? in Slovakia. From a total annual heat production of 800,000 GJ it supplies 120,000 GJ to its neighbour.

An increase in production capacity at the recently refurbished Hodonín installation increased the interim production by almost 19%, producing more than 177 GWh, the company adds.

Furthermore, following the developments at Hodonín, CEZ says that the power plants in Tisová and Po?í?í should also subsequently undergo modifications to enable the use of increasing volumes biomass.

Dušan Timko, director of the Organisational Unit of Heating Plants Hodonín, Po?í?í, Tisová and Vítkovice, explained the strategy: “The broad objective is an achievement of the level of 700 GWh produced from biomass annually in the horizon of several years within operations of the ?EZ Group in the Czech Republic. The power plant in Hodonín should contribute with one third.”



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