Biogas Process Receives Patents

ThermoEnergy Corporation has announced that the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office has allowed all claims for its latest Renewable Energy technology known as “Enhanced Biogas Production From Nitrogen Bearing Feedstock.” When combined with the company’s patented Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP), this new invention will allow wastewater treatment plant operators to optimize plants’ performance for new or existing plants while removing and reclaiming ammonia as a useful product.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas 2002-03-28 [] Immediate applications for this new process include the production of energy from the anaerobic digestion of wastes from municipal wastewater plants, selected industrial wastewater treatment plants and large pork and dairy operations. Residuals left over from the process and treatment of human or animal waste is classified as biomass. Biomass materials contain nitrogen in the form of proteins and amino acids. When biomass is broken down during the wastewater treatment process, methane and carbon dioxide are produced along with ammonia. The methane and carbon dioxide are gaseous and separate from the digestion mixture while the ammonia remains. Over time, this causes an imbalance in the carbon/nitrogen ratio, which inhibits the biological process, significantly reducing the overall efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant. ThermoEnergy’s new process removes the ammonia from the wastewater treatment process enabling optimum performance. The ammonia is then converted into ammonium sulfate, a commercial grade fertilizer, which can be sold on the world market. The waste treatment industry is coming under increasing pressure from federal and state regulatory authorities to put environmental controls in place that will eliminate the many waste discharge problems that have plagued this industry over the past decade. ThermoEnergy is currently collaborating with North Carolina State University to incorporate its new biogas technology into a comprehensive solution for large pork and diary operations.
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