Biogas Power to Boost Dairy Farm Efficiency

Environmental Power Corporation (EPC), a New Hampshire-based entrepreneurial energy company with proprietary technology to convert manure into electricity, announced that its subsidiary, Microgy Cogeneration Systems (Microgy), has signed an agreement with an entity owned by Wild Rose Dairy (Wild Rose), of LaFarge, Wisconsin, pursuant to which Wild Rose will purchase from Microgy a digester system based on Microgy’s proprietary anaerobic digestion technology.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – December 29, 2003 [] “I am deeply impressed by Microgy’s technology,” said Robert Thelen, owner of Wild Rose. “It represents an elegant solution to a number of challenges faced by farms like Wild Rose. By installing Microgy’s digester technology on my farm, I expect to be able to operate in a more environmentally-friendly fashion while also creating a valuable, income-producing asset.” According to EPC, the Wild Rose project represents the first facility in connection with Microgy’s relationship with Dairyland Power Cooperative (Dairyland), under which Microgy expects to construct approximately US$60 million of projects in Dairyland’s service territory. “The Wild Rose project represents our first commercialization of Microgy’s technology in North America, as well as the first realization of a project from our $152 million sales pipeline,” said EPC CEO Kam Tejwani. “We believe that our backlog of projects ready to enter construction will increase substantially even as we continue to increase our sales pipeline by identifying additional market opportunities.” The Wild Rose digester system will use manure from Wild Rose’s dairy operations to create and supply biogas to a 0.775 MW generator to be constructed by Microgy and owned by Dairyland. “The execution of this agreement with Wild Rose represents a significant step forward for Microgy’s business,” said Microgy President Andy Livingston. “We are excited about working with Robert Thelen, a forward-thinking leader in the Wisconsin dairy industry, and are confident that, working together, we will create a model for farms throughout Dairyland’s territory to enjoy the benefits of this technology.” The Dairyland Board of Directors has approved the Wild Rose project. Dairyland and Wild Rose are expected to execute a biogas supply agreement in the immediate future. Microgy’s agreement with Wild Rose also provides Microgy with the right to operate and maintain the digester for the duration of its operational life.
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