Biogas Facility Gets Revenue Boost

Intrepid Technology and Resources, a renewable energy company, signed with Ferris Baker Watts for financing that will provide the capital to triple the size of ITR’s existing biogas facility, construct the Westpoint Dairy biogas plant, and construct a third biogas facility near the Westpoint site.

The multi-million dollar projects will include eight miles of gathering pipeline to connect the two new plants into Intermountain Gas’ distribution pipeline. “With tremendous demand from livestock operators for our technology and processes and producing pipeline quality gas,” said Dennis Keiser, ITR’s president, “I now am convinced that we are selling into a dual marketplace of not just dairies but additionally feedlots which substantially increase our potential market.” Upon completion of this project in 2006, ITR will be producing more than 450,000,000 cubic feet per year of high grade biogas which, the company claims, will make it the largest producer of pipeline quality biogas in the US.
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