Biogas Based Power Plant

We are looking for consultants and Industrial Designers.

We are basically construction company wants to develop self sustained zero discharge projects.
Only CDM based projects with Eco friendly products & process and Emission credits.

Our proposal is for new power plant based on Biogas. 

We want to produce bio gas from energy corps like sweet sorghum / switch grass etc.
Total process system we would like to develop near Vellore, Tamilnadu State, India.
Due care should be given to produce Methane 99% purity and stored at pressure or liquid form.

Our aim is to produce 3 to 5 MW h electricity and connected to state grid. We like to try Trigeneration concept. Power, complete recycling of Heat Energy from the heat recovery process, cooling process with all the necessary system incorporated for achieving our mission.

Water is freely available. Hence we are looking for a system for producing steam using water and heat to run steam turbine to produce additional energy from the same system.

Hope this define our purpose.

And Now

Our questions are as follows
1. What is the possibility factor.
2. Bio gas and in turn raw material requirement and
3. area required for the complete plant
4. Your rough cost for the scope and
5. Your likely commercial terms.

Wishing you all success.

With regards

Kanmanie Munuswamy
91 938 025 9910

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