Biofuels Goal Met and Exceeded

April 30, 2003 [] Genencor International, Inc. has met and exceeded the project goal well ahead of schedule on its three-year program to develop an economically viable enzymatic process for converting biomass to ethanol. Specifically, as part of its US$17 million contract with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Genencor applied its integrated technology platforms to deliver enzyme systems enabling a 10-fold improvement in the economics of using enzymes to break down biomass (cellulosic material found in plant residue) and complex carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. These sugars are the raw materials necessary for future biorefineries to produce ethanol, organic chemicals and other bioproducts like plastics. Genencor has demonstrated that it exceeded the 10-fold goal for the program. Successfully meeting the goal will enable the development of sustainable biorefineries to take their place alongside traditional oil refineries and open new, untapped markets for industrial biotechnology, said the company.
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