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The inaugural edition of Inside Renewable Energy takes a look at the present and future of biofuels. Dan Kammen, Professor of Energy and Society at University of California, Berkeley, explains why doubts about corn ethanol are largely unfounded, and why the U.S. has a long way to go toward harnessing the power of cellulosic substances. As Professor Kammen points out, it will take more than State of the Union assurances by George W. Bush to achieve energy independence.

In a related story, Regent Emeritus Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences at Oklahoma State University, Charles Talliaferro, talks about the pursuit for the ultimate strain of switch grass. Commercially available cellulosic power may be a ways off, but it is well within reach, says the professor. The podcast will also check in at the upcoming POWER-GEN Renewable Energy and Fuels tradeshow, scheduled for April 10-12 in Las Vegas. Power Gen co-chair Teresa Hanson says there are more investors than ever on the visitors’ list this year, and that the show has enjoyed an annual growth rate of nearly fifty percent. Plus, as always, we will cover the latest news from the world of renewable energy.

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