Biofuel Solution for 400 Tons of Garbage a Day

[] Bioenergy technology company Bedminster International of Ireland has signed a EUR 200 million (US $265 million) agreement with Tully Environmental and Petruzzo Products to convert post consumer organic material into a high quality bio-fuel in New York. The 25-year agreement provides for the treatment of 400 tons of organic material per day from New York City at a site in upstate New York, using the Bedminster Bio-Energy Technology. Petruzzo Products is providing the permitted site for the facility, and Tully Environmental, which handles up to 2,000 tons per day of New York City post consumer material for disposal, will supply the feedstock to produce the bio-fuel. Bedminster uses a biological process to convert the organic material by way of a digesting system, which can convert the material in less than 3 days to a clean bio-fuel that has the same energy value as peat and brown coal.


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