BioExx Joins Colorado Center for BioRefining and BioFuels

Bio-Extraction Inc. (BioExx) agreed to join the Colorado Center for BioRefining and BioFuels (C2B2), whose mission is to become a global center for research on the conversion of biomass to fuels and other products.

“Our vision extends from crops to chemicals to fuels,” said Ryan Gill, assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering at University of Colorado-Boulder and C2B2’s managing director. “We aim to speed the development of an entirely new industry in an area of critical national need.”

To achieve this goal, the Center has invited several key companies to become associate members. BioExx was asked to join the Center because it owns technology that allows for the extraction of virtually 100% of the oils from oilseed crops while at the same time maintaining a significant percentage of the proteins. Other known processes for separating the oil from the seed recover a significantly lower percentage of oil and/or denature the proteins because high temperature is being applied in the extraction process.

C2B2 will work to create new technologies for the production of transportation fuels and other valuable products from plants. In addition to transportation fuels, biorefining promises to create new sources of agricultural fertilizers, synthetic fibers for clothing and other uses, plastics and commercial chemicals.

“We believe that C2B2 provides an excellent platform for BioExx to develop and to demonstrate its unique technology to some of the most important companies in the BioFuels industry and we believe that BioExx can make a significant contribution toward the success of the Center,” said Chris Carl, President of BioExx.

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