BioEnergy Waste Disposal Solutions

Not as glamorous as a majestic wind turbine spinning in the breeze or a large solar array gleaming in the sunlight, bioenergy production is becoming an increasingly important worldwide source of energy coupled with efficient waste disposal. From increased use of ethanol in vehicles to manure biogas production, waste products are increasingly finding their way from landfills into light bulbs.

Key related stories from 2002: Portable Energy Plants to Convert Garbage to Energy in South Africa – 2/18/2002 Sewage and garbage in Cape Town, South Africa will be converted into electricity, fuel and bricks for low-cost housing with help of an investment of more than 1 billion Rand. Malaysia to Use Palm Oil Waste as Biofuel – 3/13/2002 The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and the Malaysia Energy Center have joined hands to increase the public’s awareness of Renewable Energy as a fuel source. Animal Wastes to Generate Power – 3/27/2002 Environmental Power Corporation announced that it has executed a 15-year contract with Wisconsin Public Service Corporation to supply electricity from up to 15 MW of generating capacity expected to be produced from multiple installations, which will use primarily animal wastes to produce biogas and electricity.
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