Bioenergy Pilot Plant a Success

Canada DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation has successfully completed its pilot plant program to produce BioOil fuel from abundant organic resources that have been traditionally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – January 31, 2003 [] The plant has exceeded design parameters operating on a continuous basis at 50 percent above its nominal design capacity. The company also announced full focus of its resources to the construction of a 100 tpd commercial plant in Canada. As a result of the pilot plant program being completed, the company has closed its testing facilities at BCRI and has consolidated its operations at its corporate headquarters in Vancouver. DynaMotive further announced that through this consolidation, the company has reduced its projected operation costs and overhead expenditure for the year 2003 by approximately US$400,000. DynaMotive is considering various options for the relocation of the two pilot plants to develop further business opportunities either in agricultural waste or specialty chemicals derived from BioOil. “The experience gained in operating our pilot plant over the past 2 years is being applied to our commercial design program,” said Richard Lin, chairman of DynaMotive. “We believe that the combination of consistently high quality BioOil, high yield, system reliability, low capital costs and the simplicity of our design vis-a-vis competing technologies will propel DynaMotive to the forefront of the BioOil production arena.”
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