Biodiesel Pump Sells B20 in Kansas City

A fleet of 22 diesel delivery trucks using B20 can now fill up at the area’s first biodiesel retail outlet, the Valero station (201 West 6th Street), owned by Kansas City-based Maher Oil, which sells B20, a blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent diesel.

“Renewable fuels such as biodiesel will assist our producers, increase our energy independence, create American jobs and, as an added benefit, they are good for the environment,” said Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO), who serves as Co-Chairman of the Renewable Fuels Caucus. Maher Oil Company, along with biodiesel producer West Central Soy, has supplied the City of Kansas City, Missouri, with more than 1.3 million gallons of B20 annually for several years. The City of Olathe and Kansas City Power & Light are other local users of B20. “Carrying biodiesel has created new customers for us. We wouldn’t have large fleet customers like the city and the power company if we didn’t have biodiesel,” said John Cook, owner of Maher Oil. “I’m confident that opening this public pump will bring us more customers who believe using biodiesel is the right thing to do.” “Having this pump in downtown Kansas City is a big step towards helping us realize our goal of reducing consumption of foreign oil,” said Sam Swearngin, Missouri Co-Chair of the Kansas City Clean Cities Coalition. “It gives everyone with a diesel vehicle a choice.” “This pump opening shows an important trend,” said Joe Jobe, NBB CEO. “The automakers have begun marketing more diesel passenger cars. As more diesel passenger cars become available to consumers, we’ll see additional retail locations making biodiesel available. Pumps like this one will also draw in businesses with diesel delivery trucks, and will generate awareness for renewable fuel.”


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