Biodiesel Injection Blending Facility Opens on East Coast

Independence BioFuels (IBF) opened its biodiesel injection blending facility, said to be the first on the East Coast. The company offers biofuels for both transportation-based biodiesel and a bio-based home heating oil.

The event was marked by delivery of the first load of injection blended B5 bioheat (5% pure biofuel 95% heating oil), which was fueled into a tractor-trailer belonging to one of the first IBF customers — Bernville Quality Fuels of Reading. Pennsylvania’s Governor was on hand to mark the occasion. “We’re investing in innovative, clean and affordable fuel alternatives and creating new jobs for our hard-working men and women,” Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell said. “Independence BioFuels’ injection-blending facility will significantly help our country find renewable, sustainable and cleaner energy technology.” Created by a process that removes glycerin, biofuel combines with any petroleum product to create a biofuel blend. It operates seamlessly in diesel vehicles or heating systems with little or no modifications made to the machinery. Independence BioFuels is the first known company on the East Coast and the second known in the nation to make a biodiesel injection blending facility available for petroleum distributors. “This is a milestone for Pennsylvania as we continue to provide cleaner, sustainable energy for our Commonwealth, and fulfills a need for energy security in our country,” said Brian Gerhart, IBF chief operating officer.
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