Biodiesel Industries, DaimlerChrysler & NextEnergy to Build Biodiesel Plant

Biodiesel Industries Inc., NextEnergy and DaimlerChrysler celebrated the groundbreaking for Biodiesel Industries’ newest facility in Detroit. The new plant, which is Biodiesel Industries’ sixth, will emphasize biodiesel research, development and production.

“This pioneering project brings together a diverse group of major industry players, such as NextEnergy and DaimlerChrysler, for the common goal of biodiesel advancement and implementation,” said Russell Teall, President and Founder of Biodiesel Industries. “Our new facility will have the capacity to produce 10 million gallons per year of biodiesel using a full spectrum of feedstocks, including crude, refined and recycled vegetable oils and animal fats,” Teall added. Biodiesel Industries uses its patented and proprietary production technology that can produce quality biodiesel from a wide variety of feedstocks. Quality control systems are built into process control automation for the plant, ensuring that the biodiesel produced meets stringent U.S. and global standards. DaimlerChrysler has promoted the use of biodiesel fuel nationally with the launch of the Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee CRD diesel, Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel pickup, and Mercedes E320. To support the research programs at NextEnergy, DaimlerChrysler will commit currently unused land at a former SuperFund environmental site for use in producing soybeans, and perhaps other oil-bearing crops. “Coupled with the involvement of NextEnergy, DaimlerChrysler and other major automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we look forward to working together to set the standards for biodiesel production and use,” said JJ Rothgery, Biodiesel Industries’ Chairman of the Board.
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