Biodiesel Fuels New Green Power Plant

Safe Renewables Corporation (SRC), a producer and marketer of biodiesel for transportation fuel and power generation, has begun supplying fuel for what the company says is the nation’s first, 100% biodiesel-powered electricity generating turbine plant.

Located on a portion of SRC’s 250-acre property in Conroe, Texas, the plant, owned and operated by Biofuels Power Corporation, can produce up to 10 megawatts (MW) of electricity at any given time for delivery direct to the grid. According to Jeff Kissell, Safe Renewables Chairman, President and CEO, “It is comparable to the horsepower of a car engine.”

Biodiesel is a clean burning, environmentally friendly alternative fuel made from oils derived from farm crops and animal fats. SRC will supply up to one million gallons per month of pure biodiesel (B100) for the plant. The feedstock will primarily be poultry fat, sourced from large poultry processing operations in Texas, making the electricity produced by the plant an indigenous, renewable Texas product.

“The new operation is particularly appropriate in the Texas market where an estimated 3,000 megawatts of new power generation will be required in coming years. It is becoming increasingly difficult to use traditional power-generating fuels, such as coal, due to harmful emissions,” Kissel noted. “Biodiesel produces low levels of emissions in power generating applications.”

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