Biodiesel, From Fried Food to Forklifts

September 27, 2004 [] Biodiesel is finding its place in the fleets of diesel-powered factory vehicles across the globe. STMicroelectronics will begin using B100, a 100 percent recycled food oil, for the forklift trucks and heating boilers at its semiconductor manufacturing facility in Malta. B100 is produced entirely from recycled oil used in catering processes and contains no petroleum products. The biodiesel program is expected to save approximately US $3,200 in fuel costs per year, and reduce the emissions of harmful gases and particulates that are present when normal petrodiesel is used. A study by the US Environment Protection Agency found that B100 reduced total unburned hydrocarbons by more than 65 percent, carbon monoxide up to 48 percent, and total particulate matter up to 47 percent. Other research also shows that the ozone forming potential of the hydrocarbon emissions from pure biodiesel is nearly 50 percent less than that of petroleum-based fuel.
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