Biodiesel from Fish Oil — Environment-Friendly Fuel Solution

Hanoi, Vietnam [Vietnam News Agency] A man in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang has successfully produced biodiesel using ‘tra’ and ‘basa’ catfish oil. Ho Xuan Thien started researching the possibility of producing biodiesel from fish oil in January 2004 with the hope of fully exploiting the abundant stock of ‘tra’ and ‘basa’ fish found in the Mekong Delta. … In recent years, the Mekong delta has produced an annual output of 250,000 tons of ‘tra’ and ‘basa’ catfish, from which an average 30,000 tons of oil is extracted. … Tong Thanh Long, who has used Thien’s biodiesel for more than two months, reported that the product emits lower rates of exhaust. Local brick-producing mills reported saving around 50,000 VND for every 1,000 bricks by using this non-toxic fuel instead of diesel. At present, Thien’s production unit can produce up to 1.6 tons of biodiesel a day using two tons of fish oil.
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