Bio-Solutions in Motion With Biodiesel

[] Bio-Solutions Manufacturing received its first four units required to collect fats, oil and grease (FOGs) needed to create biodiesel. Each unit extracts the FOGs and biodegrades the remaining organic waste from cooking establishment grease traps or municipal lift stations on a continuing basis. Bio-Solutions can make biodiesel from feedstocks such as yellow and brown grease extracted from trapped grease (from cooking establishment grease traps) and floating grease (from wastewater treatment plants). The benefits of converting the FOGs into biodiesel include a lower cost of production, providing a market for waste vegetable oils and animal fats and decreasing the country’s dependence on imported petroleum. This unique product is renewable and it contributes less to global warming than fossil fuels due to its closed carbon cycle, has lower sulfur exhaust emissions than regular diesel fuel and has excellent lubricating properties enabling conversion fuels with poor lubricating properties (such as ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel) into an acceptable fuel. With combined vegetable oil and animal fat production totals equaling approximately 35.3 billion pounds a year, yearly potential production of biodiesel stands at 4.64 billion gallons per year.
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