Bio-Oil Facility Planned

In a move that will greatly increase the availability of agriculturally derived bio-oils, DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation will seek tenders for the fabrication of a 100 ton per day (tpd) Bio-Oil demonstration plant in British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia – May 6, 2003 [] The company had earlier completed the conceptual design for a 100 tpd commercial demonstration plant with international engineering firm Tecna SA in November of 2001. Technical designs have been upgraded to include processing of low grade residues and these designs reflect other process improvements as announced in April and in September 2002. The unit will be part of an integrated 2.5 MW pyrolysis energy project in Canada to replace the proposed UK demonstration project given the company’s decision to divest from UK based affiliate Border Biofuels. DynaMotive expects the new 100 tpd BioOil plant, capable of producing up to 60,000 liters of BioOil per day (200 Barrel of Oil Equivalent/day), to be completed in the 4th Quarter of 2003 and to be ready to be shipped to the project site. Designed by DynaMotive’s Technology Group in cooperation with Tecna and lately with UMA Engineering’s BC office, the new plant will incorporate all the design and operational improvements developed in the company’s earlier BioOil pilot plants which have accumulated over 4000 operating hours. The architecture of the BioTherm lll system on which the to be constructed plant is based, incorporates industry standard materials, provides high performance, utilizes volume-manufacturing processes and forms the foundation for high volume manufacturing of BioOil production systems. It is expected that the common architecture will allow economies of scale across the DynaMotive product portfolio. The company expects to market multiple plants based on this design. DynaMotive is currently in early negotiations for two further 100 tpd plants to be located in Canada and the US to follow successful commissioning of the first plant. Modular designs for plants of up to 400 tpd are envisaged. “DynaMotive’s pyrolysis technology can be a cost effective solution to produce greenhouse-gas-neutral energy,” said Peter Smith, Senior Vice President, UMA Engineering. “Through our joint marketing, technology reviews, and project management activities, we are committed to apply our capabilities and experience to make this project marketable and profitable.” DynaMotive is an energy systems company that is focused on the development of innovative energy solutions based on its patented fast pyrolysis system. Through the application of fast pyrolysis, the company has shown how to unlock the natural energy found in the world’s abundant organic resources that have been traditionally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries in a wasteful and costly manner, and to economically convert them into a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel. Proven applications include forestry residues such as wood and bark, and agricultural residues such as sugar cane bagasse and corn stover. The company has successfully demonstrated conversion of each of these residues into fuel known as BioOil, as well as valuable char, making these residues a renewable and environmentally friendly energy reserve.
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