Bio-Extraction & BioNex Energy Pursue “Cold Crushing” Biodiesel Venture

Bio-Extraction Inc. signed a joint development agreement with BioNex Energy Corp (BEC) in which BioExx and BEC will work on a development study to test, and prove, the commercial efficiency of the BioExx extraction technology for use in tandem with a planned BEC biodiesel production facility slated for western Canada.

BEC is a developmental stage company that intends to use cold crushing technology in its plant as a first-stage process for removal of oil from canola and other high oil-content crops; BioExx would provide the second-stage process.

The first stage of oil removal will remove approximately 80% of the oil from the biomass while maintaining a consistently low temperature. In the second and final stage of oil removal, the process will remove up to 100% of the remaining oil while at the same time maintaining the protein value originally contained in the biomass.

On a combined basis, this process could improve yields of oil volume versus existing oil-removal technologies while at the same time increasing the residual value of the biomass. In some cases, BioExx may also be able to isolate the proteins for use as protein additives in animal or fish feed and eventually for human consumption.

The BioExx technology has the capability to remove up to 100% of the oil but at a significantly reduced operating temperature while retaining all of the nutritive content of the spent biomass. The spent biomass resulting from this process can have substantially higher value because they can be sold as higher quality animal feeds or other higher value protein applications and products. The BioExx technology may therefore have the potential to fundamentally improve the economics of biodiesel manufacturing operations, while at the same time mitigating the increasingly prominent “food versus fuel” conflict over global crop usage.


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