Bill Would Extend Renewable Energy Tax Credits

In an effort to support renewable energy generation facilities at the state and local level, Congresswoman Mary Bono (R, CA-45) introduced the Renewable Energy and Production Incentive (REPI) Reauthorization and Reform Act. The legislation would extend the REPI program for an additional 20 years.

“The REPI program benefits energy utilities economically while allowing them to become more environmentally friendly,” said Congresswoman Bono. “Current and future projects funded under REPI have the potential of delivering significant environmental benefits to their communities and ecosystems and merit this 20 year extension.” REPI was established in 1992 to increase the generation and utilization of electricity available from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. The program offers incentive payments of 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour to electric production facilities, such as municipal utilities and not-for-profit cooperatives that utilize green energy sources. Currently, REPI is the only incentive available to these locally-owned and not-for-profit energy entities. Congresswoman Bono originally introduced the Renewable Energy and Production Incentive (REPI) Reauthorization and Reform Act in the 108th Congress. Provisions from Congresswoman Bono’s bill were included in the final version of H.R. 6, the Energy Policy Act of 2003 and the Conference Report, which passed in the House, but was not passed in the Senate before the end of the 108th Congress. Under the proposed legislation, Congress would direct the Department of Energy to reauthorize REPI for an additional 20 years and fund the program under a more equitable structure to compensate for budget inefficiencies. Additionally, the bill would clarify that landfill gas be included as a renewable energy source and that tribal governments be eligible for assistance as an energy production facility.
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