Bill Signed by Arizona Governor Allows the Sale of E85

E85 can now be sold in the greater Phoenix area. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano recently signed a bill into law that will allow the alternative fuel to be available throughout Maricopa County.

“This is a very important day! We have had many station owners and potential customers within the past two years who have wanted this fuel,” said Colleen Crowninshield, Clean Cities Coordinator of the Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition. “This is good for Arizona, good for the individual — just good for everyone!” In the 1990s, Arizona adopted a rule that prohibited the sale of fuels, which included E85 to meet certain clean air requirements. The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC) along with the Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coalition and other groups have been supporting House Bill 2590 to reverse this rule. “This barrier has prohibited E85 advocates to establish the much needed E85 infrastructure in Maricopa County,” said Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the NEVC. “We are pleased that the Arizona Legislature has decided to allow the sale of this clean burning, alternative fuel into their state,” Lampert said. “This is yet another example of the national efforts that are being carried out by the NEVC in order to make E85 a truly 50-state product.” There are currently four E85 locations in Arizona. The sites include one location in Sierra Vista and three additional facilities in Tucson. For addresses of these sites and the remaining E85 dispensers throughout the country, visit the NEVC website at the link below.
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