Bill Holmberg Discusses the Climate for Biofuels

Biofuels are becoming increasingly popular as gas prices soar, environmental concerns grow, and political will strengthens, according to a leading expert on biofuels.

Speaking on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast this week, Bill Holmberg, Chairman of the Biomass Coordinating Council (BCC) at the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), said that many factors are converging to create “unprecedented, historic opportunities for the whole range of biomass industries.” Holmberg predicted that grain ethanol, one of the most commonly known biofuels, could become a conventional energy source in the coming years. He outlined three factors that are giving the industry momentum: increased interest, growing federal and private investment, and tax incentives and subsidies. The combination of these three factors, said Holmberg, will make biofuels a vital part of the energy economy. But there is some resistance to change, he explained. Oil companies and refineries are still not comfortable with the switch from gasoline to ethanol. Holmberg was optimistic nonetheless that change will happen. “We’ve built up enough momentum now that any hurdles that surface won’t stop [biofuels], but simply cause a delay,” he said. For the full interview with Bill Holmberg and a conversation with Home Power magazine’s technical editor and CEO, Joe Schwartz, listen to’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast using the link below.
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