Berkeley Lab Releases New Renewable Energy Publications

Several recent renewable energy publications by Berkeley Lab, and one presentation, may be of interest for people seeking to further their understanding of how the U.S. is handling “RPS” and “PTC,” plus research covers wind and solar power.

— “Renewables Portfolio Standards: A Factual Introduction to Experience from the United States.” Written by staff at Berkeley Lab and the EIA, this paper provides an updated overview of experience with RPS policies in the U.S. (See first link below.) — “Wind Power and the Production Tax Credit: An Overview of Research Results.” Presented by Ryan Wiser to the Senate Finance Committee in March 2007, this written testimony provides information that may inform deliberations about an extension of, and revisions to, the federal production tax credit. (See first link below.) — “The Treatment of Solar Electricity in Renewables Portfolio Standards.” This PowerPoint presentation summarizes approaches to the inclusion of solar power in RPS policies, as well as early results and expectations of those policies. (See second link below.) In addition to the above publications, two recent journal articles have been published and are available on request: — “Wind: A Local Industry.” Written by Joanna Lewis and Ryan Wiser, and published in reFOCUS magazine in March/April 2007, this article summarizes earlier work that can be found on the Berkeley Lab publications page (use first link): “Fostering a Renewable Energy Technology Industry: An International Comparison of Wind Industry Policy Support Mechanisms.” — “Analyzing Historical Cost Trends in California’s Market for Customer-Sited Photovoltaics.” Published in Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, this article also summarizes earlier work that can be found on the Berkeley Lab publications page (first link):”Letting the Sun Shine on Solar Costs: An Empirical Investigation of Photovoltaic Cost Trends in California.” Berkeley Lab is a Department of Energy national laboratory (in Berkeley, California) that conducts unclassified scientific research; it is managed by the University of California (UC) with an annual budget of more than $500 million (FY2004). Of Berkeley Lab’s staff of approximately 4,000, more than 250 faculty/scientists hold joint appointments with UC Berkeley and other UC campuses. In addition, nearly 800 students and postdoctoral fellows are employed each year, along with more than 3,000 participating guests from institutions around the world.
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