Belgian Bio-oil Plant in Development

Thenergo has started development on a 9-megawatt (MW) bio-oil plant in Merksplas, Belgium. The plant, which will be operational for up to 8000 hours per year, will generate 6 MW of thermal energy for two industrial partners and 9 MW of electricity.

The project will burn jatropha oil and represents a total investment of €11 million [US $16.5 million]. The plant is expected to be operational in February 2009 and is a joint venture between Thenergo, the majority shareholder and operator, and the Quirynen and Dielis companies.

“Our strategy to diversify our feedstock base, namely biogas, natural gas, bio-oil, woody biomass and secondary fuels, ensures long-term procurement security and better management of fuel costs, while allowing us to be more reactive to market driven opportunities,” said Kurt Alen, CEO of Thenergo.

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