Award Recognizes Intrepid’s Contribution to Renewable Energy

Idaho Falls, Idaho [] Intrepid Technology and Resources (ITR), an Idaho-based publicly traded biofuels production company, received the Governor’s Clean Energy Award during the Harvesting Clean Energy Conference held in Boise, Idaho. The award recognizes ITR’s contribution to the development of renewable energy in Idaho by utilizing their anaerobic digester facility located on the Whitesides Dairy near Rupert, Idaho, to process animal waste into clean usable natural gas. The gas is fed into the local gas utility pipeline system for commercial/industrial distribution and sale, or converted to other easily transportable forms such as liquid natural gas for other uses such as industrial and agricultural heating and process fuels, alternative transportation fuel, or remote community municipal use. ITR expects operation of its expanded Whitesides Prototype Digester by the end of the month.
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