Auto Waste-to-Energy Project Underway in UK

Chinook Sciences Ltd., a manufacturer and operator of advanced gasification technology and European Metal Recycling Ltd. (EMR), one of the world’s largest recycling companies and the largest recycler of automobiles in Europe, have formed what is believed to be the first commercial scale joint venture to convert automobile shredder residue (ASR) into renewable electricity and recover and recycle metal in the process.

The joint venture, named Innovative Environmental Solutions UK Ltd., will process 120,000 metric tons of automobile shredder residue per year using Chinook’s patented and proprietary RODECS gasification system. The RODECS system will gasify the ASR be capably of generating approximately 30 megawatts of renewable electricity.

ASR is a waste material created by shredding automobiles and comprises approximately twenty-five percent of the weight of the car. The joint venture will be the first commercial scale operation to productively process ASR, capturing the energy contained within as well as recover the metals and glass.

“This alliance with Chinook Sciences is very exciting and a further significant step toward our goal of achieving 95 percent recycling and recovery from our shredding operation and thereby further improving the impact on the environment,” said David Ireland, director of technical services at EMR.
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