Australian Wave Energy Plans

September 8, 2003 [] Australia-based Macroshaft said they unveiled a new ocean energy application that extracts electrical power from wave motion. Out in the ocean, the company’s wave energy power plants will be visible from the air as dotted lines of golden islets in the world’s oceans. The company said that two almost identical projects are currently on the drawing board. A 1.6 GW supply into California from the North Pacific, which will be run in dual High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cables of 800 MW capacity each. 360 sections of nominal 5 MW capacity will line up to provide the 1.6 GW for an expected 5000 hours per year. This will eventually boost California’s supply of clean and pollution-free power by some 8.5 TWh annually, said the company. The same solution is planned for Sydney, Australia.
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