Australian Solar Tower Project Receives Support

Construction of the world’s tallest man-made structure, the EnviroMission ‘Solar Tower’ power station destined for Tapio Station, has taken a large step forward.

Melbourne, Australia – August 23, 2002 [] Federal Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane, yesterday announced the AUD$800 million (US$433 million) venture had been given a status that ensures it will receive Howard Government support including assistance through any necessary approval processes. “This is a crucial step forward,” Mayor Don McKinnon said. “Now all we need is for the New South Wales State Government to show the same faith and vision and things will really begin to hot up.” Planning authorities in NSW have begun work on an environmental impact statement for a one-kilometer high tower but the Carr Government is yet to grant it State Significant Development status. The tower will have a base the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and be about 300 meters taller than the current highest structures in the world. Surrounding the tower will be a skirt of solar collector panels with a radius of 3.5 kilometers. These panels will gather hot air to funnel through 32 wind turbines in the tower, creating 200 MW of electricity – enough for 200,000 homes. This output will make it one of the largest single generators of Renewable Energy in the world other than hydroelectric schemes.
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