Attack on Hydropower Project in Russia Leaves Two Dead, Damages Plant

Two security guards were killed Wednesday in a raid on a hydropower plant in southern Russia in which attackers detonated bombs that disabled the plant, wire services reported.

Four armed people attacked the Baksanskaya hydropower station in the Kabardino-Balkaria region at about 5 a.m., government officials said in a statement. Attackers fatally shot two security guards before laying several bombs in the turbine hall, wire services reported.

Three generators were put out of service, halting the work of the station, the Kremlin said in a statement.

The 74-year-old, 25-MW station will be shut for “at least six weeks to two months,” Ali Sottaev, director of RusHydro’s unit in the Kabardino-Balkaria republic, said on the NTV television channel.

RusHydro has reinforced security at all of its hydro plants in the region, wire services reported. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the damaged hydro plant should be repaired as soon as possible and that all necessary measures should be taken to ensure energy supplies are not disrupted, Russian news services reported.

The hydropower station blasts could have been part of a larger terrorist action, wire services reported. The same people who carried out the deadly raid on the hydropower plant may have also been responsible for an attack on police, a law enforcement source told regional media. At 3:15 a.m., a police building was attacked with a grenade launcher in the city of Baksan. There were no casualties, media reports indicate.

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