Asia Report: U.S., India Strike $125 Million Investment Deal

Days after the United States Department of Energy announced a partnership with the U.K. on offshore wind, the DOE moved toward a $125 million partnership with India that could boost international biofuels production and further development of solar technology and energy efficiency.

Researchers from the University of Florida will focus on biofuels derived from non-food source plants. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will work on solar technology and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will tackle energy efficiency. Indian institutions include the Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology-Hyderabad and CEPT University-Ahmedabad.


Solar Beaming, Wind Deflated in Japan: Japan’s proposed incentives to boost renewable energies will probably see growth in the solar and geothermal power industries, but have disappointed operators in the wind energy sector, lobby groups said.

China’s Guangdong Province Pushes EV Development: China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of vehicles. At the end of 2011, there were more than 100 million cars on the country’s roads, and the figure is expected to reach 150 million units by 2020. The requirements for energy efficiency and emission reduction have made it essential to achieve progress for electric vehicles.

China-Iceland Geothermal Deal: China’s largest oil refiner, Sinopec Group, announced Monday it has signed a framework agreement with Icelandic geothermal developer Orka Energy Ltd to expand cooperation in developing geothermal resources.

A Big Bet On Wind Energy: India has not yet thrown up a wind power utility firm of any scale. Yet serial entrepreneur Ravi Kailas believes he can build 5,000 MW of capacity in five years.

Suit Filed Over Geothermal Energy in Philippines: A civil case was filed against Energy Secretary Jose Almendras and executives of power companies for not acting on calls to allocate 25 percent of the output of the two geothermal power plants to surrounding cities and towns.


‘Black Ships’ Arrive at Japan’s PV Market: Threat or Opportunity?: Some Japanese PV observers have adopted the phrase ‘Black Ships’ to describe the entrance of foreign PV companies — module, inverter makers and project developers — into the Japanese market, which, for a long time, had been represented solely by domestic suppliers including Sharp, Kyocera, Panasonic (Sanyo) and Mitsubishi Electric.

China Seeks to Develop Biofuels Industry: China seeks to promote the development of its biofuels industry through a series of supportive measures despite mass production difficulties. A spokesperson for the National Energy Bureau said that the Chinese government has set a goal of utilizing five million tons of ethanol fuel during the “12th Five-Year” period spanning 2011 to 2015, nearly double that set for the prior period (2006-2010).

What’s Profit Got To Do, Got To Do With It?: As the losses add up for leading PV industry manufacturers, and as manufacturing capacities are idled, it is important to remember that the current correction taking place the PV industry could not necessarily have been avoided. But the severity of the current climate may have been mitigated and the landing made softer if new entrants and participants had paid attention to, and learned from, PV industry history. Manufacturers in China, currently dominating industry demand at 46 percent, might have been more circumspect with capacity growth had they understood that incentives are temporary.

How India Is Creating the Next Big Solar Energy Market: With nations around the world vying for clean energy leadership, India has taken a bold step toward becoming a leader in solar development. In only two years under India’s ambitious national solar policies, prices for solar energy in India have dropped dramatically, approaching the price of traditional energy from fossil fuels.


The Solar Slump

“Investors and analysts are trying to determine who are going to be the survivors in the industry in the long term. The manufacturing numbers out of China are apparently panicking people and downgrades don’t help either.
Michael Obuchowski, chief investment officer at First Empire Asset Management


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