Asia Report: SolarWorld Plans to File European Complaint

After months of speculation, it now appears that Germany’s SolarWorld will file a trade complaint that targets Chinese companies selling their products in Europe.

SolarWorld’s top executive has told German news organization Handleblatt that it plans bring its case to the European Commission. A SolarWorld spokesperson had earlier told that it was circulating a petition among its European peers.

The case comes months after SolarWorld’s American division filed its own claim of unfair trade practices, alleging Chinese solar panels were being illegally dumped into the American market. The case has sparked deep divisions in the much smaller American solar industry, and it’s likely that such a complaint would face similar opposition in Europe where installations have slumped in reaction to its deepening economic crisis. Despite the scale back in growth, Europe remains the world’s most mature and lucrative market.



Mongolia’s Energy Future: Mongolia, with its rich potential to export both fossil fuels and renewables, could move ahead in either direction, and there is a significant push to ensure that whichever course the country chooses, clean energy will be featured prominently.

China Passes Offshore Milestone: China launched a 99 MW offshore wind farm, its largest to date, as it takes another step toward becoming an international player in the emerging offshore market.

Taiwan Turbine Market Reports Solid 2011: Driven by robust shipments of wind turbines, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., a Taiwan-based large-sized supplier of home appliances and compressors, is expected to score a double-digit revenue growth in 2011.

Geothermal Blast in China Kills 6: Six people were killed and two others injured in a geothermal plant explosion in northern China’s Hebei province Sunday afternoon, Xinhua News Agency reported.




Ex-Nuclear Chief to Head India Solar Program: India’s high-profile Solar Mission initiative took a major step forward last week after prime minister Manmohan Singh announced he has appointed Anil Kakodkar, former head of the country’s nuclear program, as the new chair of the recently launched Solar Energy Corporation of India.

India Plans Offshore Wind Facility: The Centre for Wind Energy Technology (CWET) plans to conduct a feasibility study near Rameswaram to set up offshore wind turbines, following problems of land acquisition for onshore wind power projects.

Solid Year in India Biomass: The Indian government says last year it intensified its bioenergy power generation across the country and now 30 villages in total have had biomass gasifiers installed. Nearly 500 MW of energy was derived from biomass in 2011, which added to the total of 3,056 MW cumulative biomass power/bagasse cogeneration-based power capacity.

Q&A With for Leader: Former Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the nation’s goals to curb poverty and expand renewable energy.

“Today, India consumes about 682 watts per capita, far lesser than developed nations. As India develops, it will definitely require a lot more energy. Where will this come from? Our existing reliance on coal and petroleum for power generation is a huge burden on our economy, we are already importing over $100 billion worth petroleum every year. Our future is in energy independence, which means meeting our energy demand through clean sources like solar, wind, hydro and nuclear energy.”



Solar Draws Top Investment Dollars

Ucilia Wang, a contributor for, took a look at the global movement of investment dollars in 2011.

“Corporate investors have played a key part in helping …. startups stay in business. Korean companies, in particular, have taken a keen interest in a few American CIGS companies. Part of the $130 million round for Stion came from AVACO, a factory equipment maker. SK Group injected $50 million into HelioVolt. Stion also received $50 million from contract chip maker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., in 2010.

“Overall, cleantech companies raised $8.99 billion worldwide in 2011, a 13 percent bump from 2010, according to the Cleantech Group. The number of deals fell seven percent, however. China was the place to be for IPOs: 28 of the 51 took place in China last year. Sinohydro, Sinovel Wind Group and Huaneng Renewable Energy were among the big exits.”




Momentum Shifts to Asia

Jim Lane of Biofuels Digest offered his 10 top predictions for the coming year, and one of them would have a direct impact on the Asia market. Below is his assessment of a shift toward the Asian market.

“Brazil has ruled the roost for the past two years – now, sugarcane shortages, surging demand, and the fact that many of the partners have already chosen their partners for the Brazilian shuffle – well, momentum is shifting to Asia. For those that can utilize palm oil or palm waste – think Indonesia and Malaysia. Cassava? Thailand or Vietnam. Cane? That’s India. Need industrial partners, coal, or residues from forest, animal or municipality? That’s China. Thinking algae? Think a little farther to the south, in Algstralia, where cane is also in relatively plentiful supply.”




Wind Picking Up Steam

According to a recently-issued roadmap for China’s wind power industry, the country has lofty targets that would spur trillions of dollars in investment.

200 GW: Wind power target by 2020
400 GW: Wind power target by 2030
1,000 GW: Wind power target by 2050



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