Asia Report: India’s Wind Potential 30 Times Greater Than Believed?

A recent reassessment of the India wind energy market blows the lid off of previous capacity estimates.

The nation has been operating under analysis from the Center for Wind Energy Technology, which puts the nation’s onshore capacity at about 100 GW. But recent reassessments from China to Germany prompted independent researchers and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to dig a little deeper and look at the potential in light of new tools and new technology.

In a paper in the international renewable energy journal Renewable Energy, Indian wind energy expert Jami Hossain used the Geographical Information System Platform to raise the potential to 2,000 GW.  The LBNL subsequently moved that total even higher, pushing the potential to 3,000 GW. That’s 30 times the current estimate.

“We have tried to further refine and improve these figures based on competing uses of land in the country but with the continued improvement in technology, the onshore potential is indeed very high compared to what was assessed earlier,” said Hossain. “The gross under-estimation by CWET has prevented the policy makers and the planning bodies in the country such as the planning commission and Central Electricity Authority in recognizing wind energy as a major and possibly mainstream source of wind energy.  With rising oil prices and uncertainties associated as well as major bottlenecks in supply of coal, the findings assume importance from an energy security and global environmental perspective.”


U.S. Slaps Tariff on Chinese Solar Panels: In a highly anticipated announcement that came Tuesday, the Department of Commerce has imposed tariffs in a case that has underscored deep divisions within the American solar industry. American solar manufacturers got the validation they were seeking, but much of the solar industry walked away from Tuesday’s announcement with a general sense of relief and a continued sense of caution for what could come next.

Seven Questions on U.S.-China Trade Case: Why the tariffs were low, will new tariffs be higher, what U.S. and Chinese response should be — all is revealed.

Ruling Brings Much-Needed Certainty: Whichever side of this controversial issue you’re on, I believe this news is positive for the U.S. solar energy industry. Many potential customers have been waiting on the sidelines for this ruling since last fall, unwilling to proceed with projects until they knew how much their PV panels were going to cost, writes Jerry Cutini of eIQ Energy.


Japan’s FiT Risks Delay: Concern is mounting that Japan’s anticipated implementation of a feed-in tariff (FiT) to support renewable energy might not be ready for its original July timeframe, according to local reports.

Japan Considers Geothermal Plants in Fukushima: Japanese firms are looking at building several geothermal plants in a volcanic zone in the area worst hit by last year’s nuclear disaster, a project that could gain momentum after the government eased restrictions on drilling this week.

Japan OKs Geothermal in National Parks: The Environment Ministry is set to approve later this month the practice of drilling diagonal wells in national parks as part of efforts to promote for geothermal power plants.

Biomass Looks to Quake Disaster: Japan’s government says it will fund the ramp-up of several biomass plants specifically to process tons of rubble and debris from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Most of that, an estimated 70 percent of the 22 million-plus-tons in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures, is wood.

40-MW Solar Plan in Japan: Eurus Energy, a Japanese developer of renewable energy projects, is considering building a solar power plant with as much as 40 megawatts of capacity in western Japan.

Japan Developers Report Interest in Homes with Solar: When new trends in apartment living emerge, they often take hold quickly in fad-conscious Japan. That is what happened with “solar apartments,” residential buildings that have solar panels on their roofs. Now, such buildings are being aggressively promoted by some Japanese developers.


Philippines Closer to Feed-in Tariff: It’s been almost a year since the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB) in the Philippines filed the Feed in Tariff (FIT) to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for approval of the rates.  The Energy Regulatory Commission’s actions for the past two days indicate that this time it could pass.

A Look at Global Markets: Asia’s solar market surges while Europe’s slows down, according to NPD Solarbuzz.

Discord Over Airline Emissions: China, India and the United States are among the nations that are unhappy that the European Union went ahead with a airline carbon emissions scheme that applies to their airspace, while the EU says it was forced to act after years of international inaction on air travel pollution.

China Hydro Plans Faces Nepal Probe: China Three Gorges Corp. said it might shelve its proposed $1.6 billion hydroelectric-power project in Nepal amid a parliamentary probe in the South Asian nation into whether the project was properly awarded, a Nepal government spokesman said.

Effects of Suit, Tariffs Could Ripple in India: Class action suit against First Solar and the China-U.S. trade dispute could both have major impacts on the India solar market.

Nations Refute Palm Oil Report: Malaysia and Indonesia, the world’s largest producers of palm oil, are on a joint mission to correct and update a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report that could impact future exports of palm oil-based biofuels.


China Strengthens Wind Lead

2011 Installed Wind Capacity in China by Leading Region
Inner Mongolia: 3.7 GW
Hebei: 2.1 GW
Shandong,: 1.9 GW
Ningxia: 1.7 GW
Liaoning: 1.2 GW


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