Asia Report: Energy Solutions from Hong Kong’s Meg Cichon spent the week in Hong Kong at the 2011 Eco Expo Asia. When the event wasn’t showing off the latest cleantech gadgets, it was advocating residential renewable accessibility and the importance of a vibrant trade market. It is widely known that Hong Kong and much of developing Asia suffers from heavy pollution; this fair offered valuable solutions to combat the problem – and renewables play a big role. International companies were present and eager to ship their solar panels, wind turbines or biogas systems, offer development services for residential systems, or simply educate attendees. The most impressive and promising displays were from Hong Kong utilities, such as CPL, that highlighted a renewable future and efforts to transition into the clean sector. As a whole, the expo was a refreshing display of the international effort to promote a clean energy future.



Complain May Spread: There are growing indications from Germany-based SolarWorld AG that an anti-dumping trade complaint may be filed against Chinese PV panel makers selling their product in Europe.

Solar Envy: Chinese state-run newspaper says American solar trade complaint fueled by jealousy.


China and EVs: The road map to broad implementation of EVs remains as a contentious point of discussion among the various government entities with a hand in the exercise.

Japan’s Tipping Point: Japan lags far behind Europe, the United States, and even (in some respects) China in terms of renewable energy efforts. And Japan is mired in bureaucracy, political in-fighting, indecision, puffery, public apathy, and cultural attitudes that make rapid change difficult, writes author Mark Pendergrast.

TEPCO to Sell Stake: Tokyo Electric Power Co. will sell a 20 percent stake in the largest Japanese wind power generation firm to raise funds for compensation payments in connection with the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Kiran’s Solar Funding: Kiran Energy Solar Power, an Indian developer of solar power plants, raised $50 million from three private equity firms, including Argonaut Ventures, which invested in the failed U.S. panel maker Solyndra LLC.

AirChina BioFuel Flight: China’s first airplane demonstration test using sustainable aviation biofuel was launched in Beijing on Friday.


Wind Power Subsidies: China may gradually cancel subsidies for the wind power industry from 2020 as the generating cost of land-based wind farms is expected to be flat with the cost of thermal power generation by 2020, according to Wang Zhongying, deputy head with the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner.

China Wind Outlook: Growth among China’s wind turbine manufacturers has slowed since the beginning of 2011 due to several factors, including more stringent regulatory approval for wind power programs and reduced quality control. Most manufacturers recorded significant declines in their financial results for the first half.


An Island of Sustainability: Why Jeju Island in South Korea deserves to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Geothermal Slow to Heat in Japan: Could Japanese natural hot baths be among the major impediments to moving forward with geothermal energy?

Power Struggle in Indonesia: International corporations are eager to tap into the nation’s recognized geothermal potential, but confusing government regulations are making investment difficult.


The China Perspective
18,928: Cumulative MW of installed wind power capacity in China in 2009
44,733: Cumulative MW of installed wind power capacity in China in 2010
1: China’s worldwide ranking in installed capacity, surpassing the U.S.

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