Areva Secures Bioenergy Contracts

French technology group Areva has been awarded three contracts totalling €260 million in the bioenergy sector in both Brazil and Thailand.

Brazilian industrial group Bertin, which specialises in the bioethanol industry, has contract Areva subsidiary, Koblitz, for the construction of 11 turnkey biomass plants. The wood-fired units will use dedicated eucalyptus plantations and will have a total output capacity of 380 MWe. Construction is scheduled to last four years.

The group will also carry out a second contract in the country to retrofit the power generation unit in the Seresta sugar mill located in Alagoas state in northeast Brazil. This upgraded unit will generate 50 MWe, which will be sold into the local grid.

In addition, Thai utility Buasommai Electricity Generating Co., has awarded the group a new contract to build two turnkey 10 MWe biomass plants fuelled by rice husks in northeast Thailand.

“These contracts … are in line with the group’s strategy to reach a 20% market share by 2012”, declared Anil Srivastava, head of Areva’s renewables activity.


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