Ansaldo Fuel Cells Opens Alternative Energy Fueled Power Plant

The newest of Ansaldo Fuel Cells’ three prototype plants using an advanced, patented Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) stack has just started operating in Milan, Italy.

The hydrogen power plants use any kind of hydrogen and carbon monoxide- based fuel including ethanol, diesel, natural gas and pure hydrogen and, due to the innovative design, can easily switch between fuels. “With the rising price of oil, both military and civilian companies are seeking inexpensive yet efficient ways of producing energy,” said Finmeccanica, Inc.’s President Dr. Stephen Bryen. Ansaldo Fuel Cells is a Finmeccanica company currently producing a fuel cell design for military and civilian applications. Finmeccanica and Ansaldo plan to introduce its fuel cell technology in the U.S. and to seek industrial and business partnerships to jointly complete product development for specific applications. “Ansaldo’s hydrogen-based Molten Carbonate fuel cells are very efficient at converting the chemical energy of the fuel into electrical energy. It has a 50% electrical efficiency rate and if we consider the heat it produces it can go as high as 85% efficiency,” Bryen said. Plans are already under way for Ansaldo’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell to be used as an auxiliary power unit on a passenger and cargo ferry operating between Greece and Turkey. “Ansaldo’s Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell stack is very advantageous to military ships,” said Giovanni Vespasiani, CEO of Ansaldo Fuel Cells. “There is no noise and no exhaust coming out of the stack so it’s non-polluting and the ship leaves no signature. The technology could help revolutionize the next generation of naval ships.”
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