Amyris Pilot Plant to Produce Renewable Diesel

Amyris Biotechnologies Inc. announced that it has opened the first pilot plant to produce its No Compromise renewable diesel fuel. The plant, which was completed in September, is an important milestone for Amyris towards its goal of developing and commercializing its sustainable fuel, which it expects to bring to market in 2010, the company said.

According to Amyris, the plant will lead to the commercialization of its technology in Brazil and other manufacturing locations. It will demonstrate Amyris technology in scaled down process equipment that is representative of full commercial scale operations, generate engineering data for designing Amyris full scale plants, and produce product samples for performance testing.

Amyris diesel is characterized as a No Compromise fuel because it is designed to be a scalable, low-cost renewable fuel with performance attributes that equal or exceed those of petroleum-sourced fuels and currently available biofuels.

This new diesel fuel has all the characteristics to make an important contribution toward solving our global transportation energy and climate crisis, said John Melo, CEO of Amyris. The opening of our pilot plant is a significant business marker for us, taking us one step closer to bringing our diesel fuel to market.

Amyris proprietary synthetic biology platform enables the company’s scientists to engineer microorganisms such as yeast so that they can transform sugar into 50,000 different molecules used in a wide variety of energy, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

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