AmSpec LLC Tests New Green Renewable Biodiesel

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. and Sustainable Power Corp. announce the results of testing of its new green renewable Biodiesel by AmSpec Services, LLC.

In a report published on the USSEC Research page, results included improved flashpoint, higher viscosity, dramatically lower sulfur (ppm), less copper corrosion, higher cetane index, dramatically less carbon residue, and improved lubricity over conventional Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

Comparable results indicate U.S. Sustainable Energy’s biodiesel meets and exceeds all ASTM specifications of conventional ultra low sulfur diesel.

“With these breakthrough test results, we believe we have come up with a solution to stop the importation of foreign diesel fuels,” said John Rivera, CEO. “Our ‘OD 66’ or Oxygenated Diesel meets and exceeds all ASTM specifications.”

“As previously announced, Sustainable Power Corp. has received the exclusive worldwide license to acquire USSEC bio-waste products to produce and distribute biofuel,” he added.

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