American Student Studying Wave Energy in Europe (Intro)

I am an American college student who received a grant to study wave energy in Europe. Throughout June and July 2009, I am planning on traveling along a planned route (see Project) in Western Europe meeting with professors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers in the wave energy industry. Through interviews and conversations with representatives from all these groups, I hope to gain insight into the challenges that the wave energy industry must overcome in order to become competitive with other renewable energy sources. ::continue::

I have been travelling for a week now in Europe and have already met some very interesting people. Please check out my site: for more information.

For now, take a look at the route that I planned.

I am currently in Lisbon (stop 4). Take a look at the people that I am meeting in Europe:

I think I wil try to summarize my trip into six more posts: Denmark, Portugal, IWES 2009, Ireland, UK, concluding thoughts. Please stay tuned.

Off to more interviews!


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I am finishing my undergraduate degree at Carleton College in Minnesota in physics and geology. I hope to study ocean/coastal engineering in grad school and pursue a career in marine renewables.

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