American Bar Association Forms Renewable Energy Committee

With increased political focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency both in Washington and at the state level across the U.S., the American Bar Association (ABA) has created a new group to address the growing market.

Called the Renewable Energy Committee, the organization’s goal is to improve research and scholarship in solar, wind and other natural resources and to make programs available that would benefit both the legal profession and U.S. public.

Tapped to chair the committee is  Jonathan Wilson, a corporate attorney at Atlanta-based Taylor English Duma LLP. As a founding chair of the Renewable Energy Committee, he plans to recruit at least 100 members by spring 2010, hold regular Web-based seminars on renewable energy and build a nationwide database of state-level renewable incentives.

“The strong interest in this committee shows something has definitely changed in the public utility industry,” Wilson said. “Everybody recognizes the value of energy independence and renewable energy. But the questions are: How big a role should renewables play? How should the government be involved? How can companies take advantage of incentives? We’ll be addressing these crucial questions and more in the Renewable Energy Committee.”

Membership in the Renewable Energy Committee is limited to members of the ABA’s Public Utility Section.


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