AMD Doubles Purchase of Renewable Energy

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has doubled its purchase of Renewable Energy from Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program making it the largest subscriber in Austin of electricity derived from green power.

AUSTIN, Texas 2002-03-08 [] AMD recently increased its subscription from 12 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of Renewable Energy to 24 million kWh – enough Renewable Energy to power 2,000 average-size homes in Austin year-round. AMD’s purchase is almost 10 million kWh more than that of the second largest subscriber. “This is exceptional, and further demonstrates AMD’s commitment to the environment and the Austin community,” said Juan Garza, Austin Energy’s General Manager. “Austin Energy’s Green Choice program is a wonderful opportunity for corporate citizens as well as all residents to help keep Austin the clean and green city that it is,” said Rich Weigand, AMD director of Environmental, Health and Safety. “We are committed to reducing our dependence upon energy generated from fossil fuels, designing energy efficient features into new facilities and actively promoting conservation at existing facilities.” GreenChoice gives Austin Energy customers the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the environment by purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources that don’t pollute – such as wind power and methane gas from landfills. More than 6,600 residential customers, 125 small business and 30 of Austin’s largest companies have subscribed to GreenChoice for a total of more than 206 million kWh, or enough electricity to power about 17,000 homes year-round. Austin Energy’s Renewable Energy sources include 59 wind turbines on King Mountain in West Texas that began flowing electricity into Austin last summer and four methane projects under development in Texas.
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