Alternative Fuel Bill to Create Opportunities in Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana [Associated Press] Citing the skyrocketing costs of gasoline, the House backed a bill Tuesday to beef up Louisiana’s production of plant-based fuels and require a portion of gasoline sales in the state to include ethanol and biodiesel. The sale of alternative fuels would only be required once production of the products in Louisiana meets certain benchmarks, and then only a small percentage of the gasoline sold would have to include the plant-based fuels. Rep. Francis Thompson said his bill would help Louisiana farmers whose crops or byproducts would be used in the alternative fuels and boost economic development as new businesses are created to develop the fuels. “If we don’t get on this train, if we don’t get on this program now like 20 other states, we will have missed a golden opportunity in Louisiana to be able to produce and to be able to sell a cheaper gas that will help us be less dependent on foreign countries,” said Thompson, D-Delhi. …
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