Alliance Unites Biodiesel Fans for Its Returns

Members of the Biodiesel Alliance, a free, voluntary program facilitated by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) with support from the United Soybean Board, make up more than 1,300 organizations, companies and government agencies that support the use of biodiesel. Due to agricultural, environmental, and health benefits accrued from using biodiesel, another 4,100 individuals have joined the Biodiesel Backers program as well.

Since the environmental focus, for example, of Oregon Environmental Council’s programs is on protecting kids’ health from toxic pollution, cleaning up Oregon’s rivers and protecting the climate by curbing vehicle pollution, Jeff Allen, its executive director, explained why his group joined the Alliance. “When it comes to our work promoting biodiesel, we need a national partner…. It helps keep us informed about innovations and actions in other states and at the national level, which helps make us more effective advocates for clean, renewable fuels like biodiesel.” Another Biodiesel Alliance member, Sean Jacobs, project coordinator of Clean Air Council, adds, “Increased development and consumption of biodiesel can play an important role in improving air quality across the country. As such, biodiesel offers a great way to protect public health, while also protecting agricultural jobs.” Ruth Rich is Biodiesel Education Project Coordinator for the American Lung Association of the District of Columbia (ALADC), which hosts a biodiesel education program. “The use of biodiesel,’ she says, “particularly B20 blend levels and higher, can help reduce particulate matter and other emissions that diminish America’s air quality.” Other Alliance members include Audubon, Bluewater Network, Brattleboro Climate Protection, Choices for Health, Climate Solutions, Energy Recovery Group, Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement, National Park Service, National Park Service Green Parks Program, Oxygen Collective, Picture Rocks National Lakeshore, and Clean Cities Chapters, to name a few notables. The full list of members is available using the first link below.
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