“All Natural” Firelog is More Than Wood

The makers of Duraflame fire logs have added a new product to their line of in home combustibles and, get this, it’s all natural and doesn’t require chopping down the tree in the front yard.

On the shelves of grocery stores and mini marts across the nation the All Natural Firelog from Duraflame will help meet the needs of those who want a fire for atmosphere, but don’t want to keep a cord of wood out back. Instead of binding the log with petroleum wax, which has dwindled in supply over the past few years, the company has developed a mix of plant waxes and oils that work as the binding agent. Air quality districts in the West have put fireplace restrictions on the standard burning fare as well, so the decision to create an all natural firelog would also help the company maintain that area of their market. The result is a firelog comprised completely of recycled biomass, such as wood sawdust and ground nutshells, and all natural binding that produces three-quarters less particulate emissions than a comparable firewood fire. “This is the direct result of our work with air districts and our need to continue to increase the sustainability of our products in order to meet market demand,” said Duraflame’s Vice President Chris Caron. Reducing emissions from fireplaces is not a new environmental need, according to Duraflame. But reduction has become a priority in many communities throughout North America. Local air quality agencies, as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency, are advocating that people reduce the amount of smoke that comes from their fireplaces in an effort to improve air quality during the winter months. “Duraflame is very cognizant of the air quality struggles of the West, and even beyond,” said Caron. “Due to this, we are very sensitive to the balance between regulations and people’s interest in enjoying a cozy fire.”
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